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A butcher for Life, not just for Lockdown

Written by Katie Royals

“A butcher’s not here just for the lockdown, he’s here for life,” Derek, owner of H A Price Butchers, told hiya bucks.

Like many other local businesses, the Beaconsfield-based butcher is doing everything he can to support the local community during the current crisis, getting into work as early as 4.30am to prepare orders and make sure his customers still have access to quality meat at a time when supermarket shelves have been left empty.

But, for Derek, who’s been working in the local community for over 40 years, it’s harder than most. “I’m here at my own personal sacrifice,” he explained. 15 years ago, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, which has since recurred multiple times.

Throughout this he has worked hard, supporting his wife, looking after his three children – the youngest of which is disabled – and still running a butchers.
Sadly, his wife’s disease is now incurable, and he has become the main carer of his youngest daughter, who is now 16. Coping with all this would be extremely difficult in normal times, let alone in the middle of the global pandemic.

Almost immediately after restaurants and cafes were ordered to shut Derek lost 95% of his catering orders, which accounted for the vast majority of his business.

Not one to be deterred by adversity, he took to his Facebook page to advertise to local residents. Soon, he found himself inundated with requests and has been working over 10 hours a day to process all the orders. Derek acknowledged “this is a good thing really,” but he highlighted this comes as a sacrifice due to his family situation.

He also has concerns that once the pandemic is over, and things begin to return to normal, his new customers will go back to their old ways and forget about their local butcher. The support will be needed just as much after as it is now if the business is to survive.
Derek was keen to stress that it’s not just about the money it’s about re-branding and re-building a business. This is particularly important for him as thinking about the long term is critical because of his family circumstances.

If you’re interested in placing an order you can do so by calling 07714 406182 and you can collect your order on a Wednesday and Friday morning. If, like us, the thought of the long, winding queues outside supermarkets in recent weeks is enough to put you off shopping altogether, you’ll be relieved to know you won’t have to queue.

Once you’ve collected your order you can continue to support the business by leaving a review on the Facebook page or sharing with your friends.

Call Derek to place your order on 07714 406182

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