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A hidden adventure in the heart of High Wycombe

The Works is an independent family run restaurant which has added a string to it’s bow – Escape Rooms!

As a family we love an adventure and Escape Rooms are definitely our thing. The Works in High Wycombe have three escape rooms to choose from; All Muggled Up (a take on Harry Potter), Mi8: Ice Cream Dept and Frozen in Time (newly opened).

All Muggled Up really gets you thinking; it’s definitely a challenge. All the clues are there, you just need to search for them but, like the gnomes, the clues can play tricks on you.

Thinking logically, sensibly, thoroughly and trying not to act like headless chickens (we did this at times) soon one clue after the other will be solved… or not! Teamwork at it’s best, you will soon be running around in circles with yours hands on your head asking for help (maybe that was just us).

We won’t spoil the adventure for you but we will say it was great fun, had us laughing all the way to our waffles and ice cream afterwards and ended in loud conversation from all of us saying… “why didn’t we spot that, I told you to do that, well done for working that out, and my preference “if you’d listened to me…”.

If you haven’t taken part in an Escape Room previously don’t worry, you don’t actually get locked in, you’ll still be able to enjoy a milkshake, or a beer and maybe even a hotdog in the restaurant afterwards*.

If you aren’t a Happy Potter novice worry not, it’s just a theme that can be enjoyed by the whole family – you won’t need a hotline to Daniel Radcliffe.

If you’re looking for a fun challenge with family or friends, The Works Escape Rooms are perfect. Go… and enjoy!

We had such a blast and we did manage to escape, but with a split second to spare.

*Food and drinks are not included in the price of the Escape Rooms but are ideally located onsite in The Works restaurant.

We had a selection of crepes and waffles, mine topped with bakewell ice cream with additional cherry sauce; delicious! I had no idea how hungry solving All Muggled Up would make me and the rest of the team.

Thanks to Brad and the team for making our experience so much fun. We might have escaped but we will definitely be back.

Suitable for between 4 and 10 players (there were 6 of us), age 12+, each Escape Room is an hour long adventure.

11 High Street
High Wycombe
HP11 2AZ 01494 451952 www.eatattheworks.co.uk