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A scent of HOPE from Ruth Mastenbroek Perfume

Ruth Mastenbroek Perfume have created and made brand new candles, Hope and Gratitude, and are donating 100% of profits to Our Frontline.

Family run business, Ruth Mastenbroek Perfume, have been creating perfumes for the last 13 years, starting with just Ruth but now working as a family with Ruth’s daughter Claire and son Nic on board. They are located in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire and now have 5 perfumes all with their own individual story.

Here at hiya bucks we absolutely love their range of perfumes. You don’t need to use much, which means they last a long time, and the fragrance of the perfume stays on you or your clothes for 24 hours. Natalie has been using the Firedance perfume for the last year now, we highly recommend it.

Ruth saysIf you want lovingly-created and captivating perfumes that come from the heart, then you’ve come to the right place.”

If you already know their brand you’ll know they really believe the power of fragrance helps with our emotions. Ruth explains “I love creating fragrances because I truly believe that fragrance can influence our mood, elevate our feelings and boost us when we need it.”

So they decided to create some small scented candles with 100% of profits being donated to After hearing stories from friends and family working on the front line, they became increasingly worried about the impact this pandemic is having on the mental health of key workers, so they’re aiming to raise funds to support them getting the help they need both now and in the future.

Nic says “Since the perfume industry has pretty much come to a standstill, we have felt rather helpless. We knew we wanted to make a difference somehow in terms of bringing some positivity during this tough time.”

Below are details of the two candles created:

Gratitude – Inspired by our amazing NHS, carers and all key workers; a gorgeously gratifying scent of Amber & Tuberose.

Hope Inspired by all those feeling alone or anxious, an uplifting fragrance infused with bundles of Ginger & Lemongrass.

hiya bucks have already used the Hope candle and can tell you that it instantly helps you relax. The fragrance reminds us of a calming spa experience, with nothing but happy thoughts going through our mind. We love the whole look of the candle and the inspiration behind it. A very well done to Ruth, Nic and Claire for creating something so magical for a wonderful cause.

Ruth Masterbroek Perfume had photos taken by a brilliant local photographer ( For the label artwork, they worked with a local artist ( who created (and donated) the watercolour illustrations for them. They are selling the candles on their website for £14.95 (which includes shipping).

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