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A scent-sational candle…

When a perfumer with 40+ years experience gets in touch to share a new candle inspired by our very own landscape, and aptly named ‘Rolling Shires’, of course we were itching to give it a sniff!

A box really does speak a thousand words when it comes to Ruth Mastenbroek’s products. It shouts class, quality and modern chic & almost looks too nice to open! The candle is kept snug in a beautiful box nestled in tissue paper.

Being desperate to see how Ruth has interpreted our local landscape’s fragrance we were quick to dive in, and even before lighting, the aroma was quite something. It’s fresh and immediately takes you into the woodlands (something we’re no stranger to thanks to increased lockdown adventures!)

Ruth does our heritage surroundings proud. The scent perfumes the air lightly, it isn’t overwhelming, but flickers warmly, casting the aroma around the room. If only our website offered ‘scratch and sniff’, then you could smell for yourself how unique the almost-herbal scent is.

Ruth recommends keeping the candle lit for several hours on first time of burning to ensure it burns as well on next use, and we didn’t need to be told twice! It was a pleasure spending the evening with the fragrance. The candle now sits with our orchid, patiently waiting and hoping that Lockdown ends promptly so we can share the Rolling Shires experience with a super lucky six!

For candle lovers of Bucks and beyond this would make a lovely gift, or why not treat yourself? When we’re all spending so much more time in our pads, we think home comforts are well-deserved, so go on, if the restrictions are getting on your wick this is the perfect fragrant distraction!

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