Another Sky

Releasing your first album is a major step for any band or artist. Releasing one in these times changes the process but can still be life changing. Another Sky is in the process of discovering that.

Their debut album ‘I Slept on the Floor’ was released on 7th August via Fiction Records. Lead singer Caitrin Vincent told hiya bucks she was “scared but excited” about the launch. “I didn’t realise how much I had put out there.”

The album is very personal and honest. Caitrin explains: “I Slept on the Floor documents the childhood rejection we carry with us into adulthood. This album is about only understanding a place once you’ve left it.”

She “grew up in a white picket fence town with a fear of beds, preferring to sleep on the floors of bathrooms in case [she] got sick at night.”

“My anxiety was so suppressed, so unacknowledged by my environment that my body broke to get my attention. I became very unwell,” Caitrin noted.

“You can’t see the walls around you if they look like the edges of the Universe.

“In 2013, I moved to London and thought I’d found a bigger, better vase. Suddenly I was exploding into a world of a million possibilities, but rather than finding myself bursting at the seams, I couldn’t find the edges of myself at all.”

Combined with personal experiences, the album also comments on political issues. “It was never my intention [to be political]” said Caitrin, but as soon as you’re told not to write about something, it makes you want to write about it more.

“I was afraid of coming across like ‘I know everything’ when I really don’t,” but she firmly believes nothing should be off limits.

But, putting themselves out there in the public eye in this way is relatively new to the band. They used to perform in the dark, hidden from the audience. This wasn’t necessarily to keep themselves anonymous, but to allow them to be more open. “More honest things can come out when you don’t feel like you’re being watched,” Caitrin believes.

One of the band’s influences, Talk Talk, recorded some of their tracks in the dark, which gave the inspiration for Another Sky’s jam sessions and performances in the dark.

The result is raw and open music. It certainly has a unique sound which is hard to place in any one genre. Caitrin said: “People say I sound like a man. Maybe that means they’ll listen.”

Even their song writing process is untraditional. Using the energy of all four band members, they lay down a melody and backing music. From there, Caitrin works out what the song means, sometimes even after she’s written the lyrics. She explained this makes the process more natural and freeing.

Guitarist Jack Gilbert acknowledged that their music is unusual but says “the sounds have been with us for years.” The band met while studying at Goldsmiths University in London and agreed they never wanted to be tied down to one thing.

Over the years many people have said ‘you’re crazy. That’s not going to work.’ They had to ignore it all and keep doing it their way to get to this stage where they’re releasing an album. “We do it our way and enjoy it,” Jack explained.

And the determination seems to have paid off so far. The response has been “amazing,” said Jack. “We didn’t expect it.” The lead single, ‘Fell in Love with the City’, was Annie Mac’s hottest record on her BBC Radio 1 show. They’ve also been Greg James’ tune of the week on the Radio 1 breakfast show.

They’re looking forward, tentatively, to sharing the music with their fans. They have a live UK tour planned for November and December. “Events can now be organised, so we’re staying positive,” said Jack. It’s something to look forward to and the band is very excited to get out there and share their music with their fans.

You can book tickets now to see them at The Bullingdon in Oxford on 26th November. To book tickets follow this link: https://www.seetickets.com/event/another-sky/the-bullingdon/1494523

Order ‘I Slept On The Floor’ from https://anothersky.lnk.to/ISOTFWE . The album is available in the below formats, with special bundles offered via the band’s store:

  • Limited Edition Dark Green Vinyl with 12×12 poster
  • Standard Vinyl
  • Mintpack CD


Image above credited to: Parri Thomas