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At hiya bucks, we want to promote local business and show off the incredible talents of amazing local entrepreneurs. This month, we’re excited to present a unique collaboration between floral designer Kate Parrott of Polly and Petal and Suzanne Newman, owner of Tring Beauty Box just over the border in Tring, Hertfordshire.

A multi-talented lady with both florist and photography skills, Kate has a passion for bringing some positivity to the local area and really supporting local business. “We’re really keen on promoting each other,” she tells me, as she finds time a couple of days before the installation to talk to me, “our products have a lot in common; irresistible fragrance, eye-catching colour and soft, delicate textures.”

The piece that Kate has created is ambitious and clearly impressive: a large ombre floral installation of roses adorns the front aspect of the shop, growing from the ground, wrapping around the window frame and exploding through the glass, to flow inside to the shop’s window display. Whilst Kate’s had the opportunity to stretch her creative muscles in London, this will be the first time she’s been able to put her skills to use in the local area.

“To do something dramatic outside of a shop is quite unique, especially close to home,” she muses. I think it’s fair to say that this encompasses the dramatic element wonderfully.

Both businesses will have specialised Valentine’s gifts and floral arrangements available for purchase and pre-order from Thursday 24th January onwards.

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