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Stay home, safe lives.

We all know the phrase; we all understand its necessity; and we are all (hopefully) adhering to it. Isolation is by no means easy for anyone, but some will be finding it harder than others.

Scrolling through social media, it’s easy to become convinced everyone is living idyllic and peaceful lives right now: waking up early for yoga classes in perfectly kept gardens; going on socially distant, family countryside walks; and baking banana bread. Rationally, we know this is probably just their highlights – people are unlikely to post about their arguments caused by a game of monopoly or the fact that they slept through three alarms and woke up at 11am.

Even so, for those struggling, it’s difficult to avoid comparison and this can easily lead to feeling low or inadequate. Additionally, given the current uncertain situation, feelings of anxiety, stress, grief and loneliness will hit many, which will make an already difficult time even harder. But, there is no need to suffer in silence. Many therapists are offering online support to those in need.

One of these is Corinne from Bella_Therapy. She is helping clients via a range of different platforms including: Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Zoom, Instagram Messenger and Duo. This range should mean most people can choose a platform they are familiar with, increasing their comfort and hopefully reducing any added anxiety about seeking help.

However, if technology only serves to increase your stress levels, or poor WiFi is a regular source of aggravation, Corinne also offers phone call appointments at a discounted rate of £35.00. NHS workers, and those in other supporting roles, can also benefit from a 20 percent discount.

Corinne said:At Bella_Therapy my aim is to support the local community. I am a professional CBT counsellor who has been in practice for two years now.

If you are interested then contact me on 07724 869588 or email me at:

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hiya bucks

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