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Bokkie – Bringing the taste of South Africa to you

Having only just eaten a takeaway from Bokkie made by Claire Alderton, owner of Bokkie, we are now wondering why we have never tasted her food before!

The word Bokkie is a South African word meaning little buck or doe, but can be used for several terms of endearment such as my love, sweetheart, babe or honey.

With inspiration from her South African roots, and her late Gamma (Grandmother), this food really is all about family. Over the years Claire watched her Gamma cooking and picked up new ideas, whilst learning about traditional South African dishes. Claire was also taught how to cook by her mother and her sister who gave her a real passion for food. Her auntie always said if you didn’t finish a plate of food made by Auntie Linky you weren’t doing justice to her cooking, although most of her family members didn’t need to be told because they were always going up for second or even third portions.

Her family have been the food taste testers of her food and really supported her through her journey of creating Bokkie. She still has ongoing advice all the way from South Africa.

Bokkie normally trades as a Street Food Vendor at food and beer festivals and private events, alongside frequent takeaway nights from their home. However during these unprecedented times of Covid 19 Claire has had to pivot her business to continue to feed the people of Bucks by producing fresh, tasty and homemade ready meals, so she could bring the flavours of Bokkie’s Street Food into the comfort of your own home.

All of their dishes are made from fresh locally sourced produce. The meat is supplied by P.S. Tilbury Butchers in Bedgrove, Aylesbury. The bread is usually (sadly not right now due to COVID-19) handmade by The Real Artisan Bread, a company based in Westbury, North Bucks. Cafe connection in Iver provide Claire with all of her recyclable packaging and Derek Pigott in Aylesbury supplies all of their vegetables.

For our order we chose to try the Durban Chicken Curry and the Chickpea, Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Curry, alongside their Chilli Beet Slaw and Chilli Carrot Sambal (Sambals are zesty, spicy, chilli-based condiments found in South African cuisine). With everything being gluten and dairy free you don’t need to worry about dietary requirements with Bokkie. The Chickpea dish and the side dishes are all vegan, and every dish we had was sugar free!

The flavours were just divine, with a real kick of chilli along with a flavoursome rice and a smooth sauce, the combination of it all was delicious. Although we aren’t huge fans of slaw, carrot or beetroot, we enjoyed all of the side dishes. The beetroot was particularly spicy, so go for that if you like to eat spicy food like we do. The Chilli Carrot Sambal won the 2018 Great Taste Awards and was awarded 1 star. We highly recommend this, it’s a sweet side dish to go with the spicy main!

The meals come with all ingredients labelled, easy instructions on how to re-heat and best before dates if you’d like to save your meal for another day. Plus, you get to keep all of the tupperware for at home re-use!

The portion sizes are generous so make sure you save up an appetite for this food, as you won’t want to leave one little morsel – remember to listen to Aunty Linky!

With social distance being at the forefront right now, Bokkie will make sure to drop your meal on your doorstep giving you a knock and then walking away to keep that distance, but still checking you’ve picked up that all important meal!

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