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Cecoelia’s – serving up delicious gluten free treats for everyone

Originally a dream of Natalie’s that became reality during lockdown1, sisters Rachel and Natalie are creating gluten free treats that are neither boring, nor bland.

Rachel studied her professional chef diploma at Leiths School of Food and Wine. Here she gained the cookery skills and knowledge to develop delicious recipes. Ordinarily running after-school children’s cookery workshops via her Rachel’s Creative Cooking business, this year’s pandemic has somewhat disrupted classes and left her with time on her hands.

Natalie was diagnosed as being gluten intolerant five years ago and has always been frustrated at the lack of creativity with gluten free options. “I found out I’m gluten intolerant whilst trying to find a cure for my migraines. Although it hasn’t fixed my migraines, it did create my dream of running a cafe for people who suffer like me, offering them food that they can enjoy whilst taking into account their allergies” Natalie said. 

After finding it hard to buy a mouth wateringly good gluten free treat, only being given the option of a brownie in popular establishments (if you know, you know), they decided to get baking. “We have a real passion for putting a smile on people’s faces with our food. Our aim is to bake treats that are indistinguishable from gluten-full treats that can be enjoyed by everyone” they both told us.

Natalie continued “I know the struggle of eating out with an allergy, the awkwardness of telling someone you have to eat gluten free and the fact you have to look at the menu before you arrive to see if there is even anything you can eat. I know what it’s like to only be offered a gluten free brownie which is why we have decided, as much as we love a good brownie, not to bake them but to give you something different.”

Rachel summarised “We come from a foodie family, we both have a real passion in what we’re eating. We want to create new recipes and eat new foods, and be inspired by different flavours and textures. After years of trial and error we are confident to say we can bake a tasty gluten free cake and our gluten free sweet pastries are a must have; you’d never know they were gluten free!”.

Everything is baked from scratch using their our own recipes and ingredients that are free of gluten (they check this using the Coeliac UK GF Food Checker App).

If you and a friend both have a treat and they don’t look identical, then make the most of them, Cecoelia’s treats have character and individuality. 

Think of their sweet treats like sisters and not twins, as no two slices are the same.

Cecoelia’s treats can currently be found in Emmett’s Farm Shop, Little Marlow, and in other locations once lockdown2 is over. Delivery is also an option; contact for details.

If you are interested in ordering, or have any questions, please email

We look forward to baking for you! 

Facebook & Instagram @cecoelias

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