Does anyone else suffer with a headache after one alcoholic drink?

I often drive if I’m meeting friends for a drink as I’m not a huge alcohol fan. I figure rather than worrying about being over the limit I either don’t drink or don’t go out. Around the Christmas period you hear horror stories about people losing their driving licence over an alcoholic Christmas pudding or a Baileys bread and butter pudding (I’d highly recommend eating both though!).

Talking of puddings, this year I’ve made my own Christmas pudding, (to be honest I have done this the last three years). I really struggled to find gluten free suet and finally I found some in Morrisons which is also suitable for vegetarians, it’s literally just vegetable oil and rice flour, which is dirt cheap and works perfectly! I used Jamie Oliver’s recipe but took out the nuts as my sister isn’t a huge fan, and it smells devine!

Anyway, back to what I was saying, do any of you feel as though it’s not worth drinking, especially over the Christmas period? I feel the headache from one drink is really not worth it!  I’d rather have one night with a headache where I go out and have a few drinks (I’ve got the headache anyway) and then get a taxi to and from which is a lot safer, or not drink at all.

I was told a while back that migraines and colds often occur when you finally feel relaxed. Watch out for getting stressed or making yourself too busy as you will notice afterwards the consequences! I think preparing early for Christmas makes it a much more enjoyable experience and, fingers crossed, a migraine free one!