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Migraines & Me: Chapter 30

You might have read before in my column that since being gluten free, I started eating a lot of quinoa. If you haven’t heard the story a short version is… due to my migraines being so bad I visited a nutritionist who advised I take an allergy test which resulted in me finding out I’m intolerant to gluten. I thought this may be the end of my migraines but unfortunately not, although they decreased dramatically! I then ate so much quinoa I got severe stomach pain and noticed online that you shouldn’t cut out one thing and jump right into overloading with something brand new, oops! I now can’t go near quinoa which is a shame because I really enjoyed it and it’s cheap!

Every now and then I eat something that is gluten free but I get the same pain, then realise that if I’d checked the label I would have seen that quinoa is in the food I am eating! The most upsetting product which this happened with is Olde El Paso gluten free wraps. My favourite food is Mexican, most likely American Mexican as I’ve never actually been to Mexico! Last year on my birthday we made home-made Mexican food including salsa, guacamole, fajita style chicken then added cheese and sour cream on the side; all gluten free which is easy. I thought I would trial the new wraps and was so excited when they managed to wrap around my food without falling apart, they tasted amazing and I couldn’t even tell they were gluten free, nor could my family! A couple hours later the pain hit me and I was gutted!

I decided to Google (as we always say now when we look something up online!) why quinoa was giving me a stomach ache. I found out (thanks to Live Strong) that “If your body isn’t accustomed to a lot of fibre in your diet, eating quinoa can lead to bloating and stomach pain. Too much fibre can cause abdominal pain because the bacteria in your colon isn’t used to digesting the amount of fibre in quinoa.“

I find it so interesting to read about diet, nutrition and how what you’re eating can affect your body. If you’re struggling with quinoa, or any other foods, I’d love to know. I also know a great nutritionist I can put you in touch with!

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