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Festival food for any special occasion

Hosting an event and in need of catering? ChilliDogsEvents are a great choice for an exciting and alternative food choice for any occasion.

When I think of the food available at parties and weddings, my heart drops. The prospect of boring, cold canapes and soggy, cucumber finger sandwiches is not my idea of celebratory food. However, the last thing I might be expecting would be a stand offering delicious chilli dogs, but chef Dan and his wife Steph have been doing exactly that since 2013, serving up an alternative approach to the way we experience event food with their company, ChilliDogEvents.

Cooking up fresh chilli dogs in brioche buns with plenty of extras from jalapenos to crispy onions, Dan and Steph have developed a great way to bring varied and delicious food to any and every event. Their values are very simple: provide delicious, wholesome food that they would be willing to book themselves. They use only high-quality ingredients selected by them and remain environmentally conscious too, using 100% compostable packaging without any single-use packaging on show and use renewable power sources like their food van being partially solar-powered.

There are plenty of options on offer to choose from, from the classic dog, to a cheesy chilli-beef combo, all the way through to a vegan seitan dog with rainbow slaw, guacamole and black bean mole. There are gluten-free options available too, so all dietary requirements can be catered for.

This may not be the typical finger food you might expect to see at a wedding or a party, and it requires a few napkins and one of those wooden forks, but it certainly delivers on taste, and the flavour combinations are a Mexican fiesta more than worth trying.

If you’ve got an event coming up and you’re in need of catering, ChilliDogsEvents are definitely the way to go to spice up your celebration.

To book ChilliDogsEvents for your occasion, or if you’re looking for some glowing recommendations of Dan and Steph’s innovation, visit

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