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Treat yourself… you know you want to!

During lockdown it’s important to keep ourselves happy. Here at hiya bucks that means food. Actually, it always means food to us. We are definitely a family of foodies. Any excuse to sample some Buckinghamshire produce, visit a food festival, go to a market, dine in a restaurant, or purchase from a farm shop and we are there.

However, we can’t visit any of these places at the moment, and we also can’t be together as a family, so we need to comfort eat to compensate. Thank heavens then for Charlie Murrell of CM Catering, who offered us some home-cooked goodies.
Charlie has been very clever. He immediately diversified his business from one of catering for dinner parties to one of delivering home-cooked food right to your door*.

We were in food heaven! The brioche bread was as light as a feather, the fruit scones soft and moreish, the banana bread subtle in flavour and surprisingly light and the flapjack biscuits, chewy and sugary, with their hint of cinnamon, left us doing our best “Oliver” impression and asking for more.

The piece de resistance though were the pies. Oh my goodness. We would definitely eat all the pies! And there wasn’t a soggy bottom in sight. With the crispiest, lightest, thinnest pastry surrounding plenty of filling we had a moment of just closing our eyes and enjoying the flavours. I don’t know, maybe it was the lockdown madness, but we agreed the pies were something special.

As Charlie says “whether you are interested in breakfast, lunch or dinner, or anything in between, CM Catering have got you covered. Enjoy a home-cooked meal without the home-cooked fuss”.

Make someone’s day and order them some delicious home-cooked goodies; it will most certainly put a smile on their face and bring joy to their tummy.

Thanks Charlie, your food definitely brightened up our day.

Charlie Murrell – 07890 947332

Facebook – CM Catering

*within a 7 mile radius of Beaconsfield

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