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Thursday 20th June saw The Front Room in High Wycombe proudly host the Flourish Connect & Network event, a space for local business owners to network professionally and personally in a relaxed, less formal environment.

The brainchild of Lauren Ross, owner of The Front Room; Hayley Newell, graphic designer at Bubblegum Design and Print studio; and Boo Thomas, owner of EYE Am, a marketing and personal health company, the Flourish Connect and Network saw its first-ever business networking event hosted in June. Alongside a healthy helping of live music from local musicians, food from local caterers, coffee on tap and plenty of prosecco, The Front Room hosted a fantastic night of networking for business owners to chat, make new links and build relationships with other local budding executives. The evening also included speeches from local entrepreneurs brave enough to stand up in front of the room and share their own personal journeys through the formation and maintenance of their own businesses.

Before and after talks, all attendees were left to their own devices to mingle and chat with the other professionals in the room, exchanging ideas (and plenty of business cards) with a brand-new set of contacts. It was a remarkably lively and spirited event with a positive energy around the room that removed the awkwardness of being thrown into the fray with a room full of strangers – an impressive achievement in itself, and one which Lauren, Hayley and Boo should be proud of.

Any economist would be able to tell you that small businesses are the backbone of the economy, and yet they’ll also tell you that 20% of these businesses will fail within their first year. That’s why events like these are so important: they provide ambitious entrepreneurs in our local area the chance to promote themselves to potential customers but also, more importantly, they create a support network amongst business owners to share their services and ideas, or even just to realise that they’re not alone in navigating the shifting sands of business ownership.

A big thank you to Lauren, Hayley and Boo for organising a great event, and hats off to those business owners who braved the stage to share their experiences.

For more information on the evening, or to keep up with future plans for the next event, join the threads and engage with Flourish – Connect and Network on Facebook and Instagram, or visit The Front Room in High Wycombe.

The Front Room
9 Castle Street
High Wycombe
HP13 6RZ

The Front Room Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday 8 – 7
Saturday 9 – 7
Sunday 9 – 6

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