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Family BBQs made a whole lot tastier

Local chef Dan Bailey recently created the idea to deliver the Meat Feast BBQ Box to local families and we love this idea!

With a mixture of locally and responsibly sourced meat, including the all-important sides of coleslaw and potato salad, Dan offers the finest quality and the best flavour.

Included in the Meat Feast BBQ Box are the following:

  • Asian pork skewers
  • Thai chicken
  • 100% Beef Burgers
  • Handmade Sausages
  • Chimichurri beef steak
  • Coleslaw & Potato Salad

Simple to follow instructions are provided so you know exactly how to cook the food to get the best out of it. Dan explains “season your steaks on the grill and finish with a squeeze of lime to intensify the flavour” and “place chicken skin side down to get a lovely crispy skin” and “treat your burgers like a steak and let them rest”.

The food smelt amazing when it was cooking making us so hungry, and then we felt absolutely stuffed afterwards! We shared the contents of the box with each other, meaning we tasted everything included, and boy oh boy you do not want to miss out on anything in this box; it was all delicious.

The instruction sheet also has a full list of allergens. Making everything from scratch Dan can tailor the BBQ box for your specific dietary requirements should this be necessary.

Delivered straight to your door, the BBQ Box costs from £30 for 2 people and from £45 for a family of 4.

As much as we love cooking it felt great to get everything out of the box, already marinated, and ready to go on the barbie*.


Tel: 07525 461275

Facebook: @danbaileycateringltd

Instagram: @danbaileycatering

*The burgers arrive frozen to lock in flavour and must be fully defrosted before cooking.

Watch your pets when cooking and eating as our cat was trying desperately to get his paws on our sausages, and we can’t blame him!

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