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Darling Spuds

Crispy crisps made with love

During lockdown we missed crisps. They never made it on to our shopping list but we longed for a packet or two with a beer sitting in the garden. If only we had known about Darling Spuds!

Hand cooked right here in Bucks, Darling Spuds is the creation of Dave and Judy Willis who wanted to create a wholesome and healthy snack. Alongside their Salty Dog brand, named after Jack Russell puppy Ruby, the potato crisps deliver a perfect crunch and bags of flavour. Passionate about potatoes and all the ingredients they use, Darling Spuds are definitely made with love.

We very much enjoyed the crunchy Somerset Cheddar & Onion, the Ham & English Mustard (vegetarian, who knew?) and the Mediterranean Sea Salt, especially with a bowl of homemade houmous. The big green recyclable box arriving in the post made our day and the illustrations on the packets made us smile; attention to detail, that’s what we love.

We are thrilled that crisps are back on our menu.

hiya bucks are always looking to support artisan producers and Darling Spuds fits the brief perfectly. Job well done we say, please keep up the good work!