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‘Unexpected, pointless and amusing’ – Dom Joly brings his new show, Holiday Snaps, to Maidenhead

Comedian Dom Joly, best known as the creator and star of hidden camera shows Trigger Happy TV and World Shut Your Mouth, is back with his first live show since 2011. In his brand-new show, aptly named Holiday Snaps, Joly takes his audience on a tour of the world in a show he calls ‘unexpected, pointless and amusing’. ‘

‘My big interest is and always has been travel and I kind of fell into comedy on the way,’ Dom says, taking ten minutes away from planning the show to speak to me. ‘I’ve done so much travelling, been to over 100 countries, written travel books.’ As Dom prepares to embark on a 51-date tour, including a trip just across the border to the Norden Farm Centre in Maidenhead, I ask how it is that a comedian got so interested in travel in the first place.

‘It all comes down to Tintin. I was obsessed with Tintin and I had a map of all the places he’d been,’ Dom tells me. ‘I said when I grew up I would go to all those places. I never grew up, but I’ve been to the places.

‘I’ve got a vast amount of photographs and weird clips and my wife steadfastly refuses to look at them because a) they’re of places she doesn’t want to go to and b) she’s annoyed I’ve been away – she actually said ‘who the hell wants to look at your holidays snaps’ so I said I’ll show you!

‘There’s comedy in there, but it’s not stand-up. There are stories, photos, clips. At the moment, I’ve got 3 hours of stuff. I’m cutting out some of the deadwood and it will change as I go.’ With so much material to cut down, and such a wide range too, it’s bound to be a good show, but who does Dom think it’s for?
‘I don’t know! I presume people who like my comedy, and people who enjoy tales of travel.

‘At the very least I’ll tell you about places I’ve been so you don’t have to go there yourself.’

Dom Joly’s Holiday Snaps will be on at the Norden Farm Centre in Maidenhead on March 29th. You can get tickets here: https://norden.farm/events/dom-joly

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