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Healing Health Joy Collective

Join our community on the journey to inner peace

We are a collective of teachers and practitioners that has grown organically around Hedsor Studio to bring together a local community in search of Healing, Health and Joy. What started as a few yoga classes has grown to encompass support groups, pop-up dinners, dancing, singing, talks and retreats and a growing community of those who want more joy in their lives!

The physical studio has had to close during Covid, but our online studio is flourishing, with 36 classes a week. To showcase our amazing teachers, we are offering an Online Weekend Retreat, so save the date ready to Reflect, Restore, Reimagine.

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To book: Please email for more information

Login for a single lesson or immerse yourself in the whole weekend. This is an opportunity to try something you’ve never done before and no experience is necessary!

Over recent months, we have all found ourselves to be in a new world, many of us are still confined but with our changing situation and relaxing of lockdown we can start to move forward with a spring in our steps, hopefully armed with renewed strength and courage to make the world a better place.

Our online weekend retreat will be focusing on Reflection, about reinforcing all the positive aspects of the lockdown to build resilience and power. We want healthy habits to stay for good. Throughout the retreat, we will be reflecting on what we have learnt about ourselves, restoring our sense of community and re-imagining our future wellness routine.

The teachers supporting this event are the beautiful crew operating out of the Hedsor Studio and the full program includes a total of 24 classes ranging from Yoga in various guises, meditation, healing with diverse forms, relaxation opportunities, talks on subjects from nutrition to Feng Shui, and singing, leading us to a Cacao ceremony!

We are also looking at options to provide you with delicious foods and a pamper kit to enhance your experience.

We know that times have been tough, so the teachers are all giving their classes without a set fee – please just donate what you can afford. Suggested contribution is £5 per class, £20 per day, £30 for entire weekend (Friday is free) with ALL proceeds from the retreat going to two local mental health charities that are close to our hearts (The Lindengate Charity and Youth Enquiry Service Y.E.S.).

Join the community from the safety of your own home, on a walk with the dog or on the beach!

May you be well, may you be happy, may you be at peace!

To book: Please email for more information

NB: All commercial activities are conducted by the teachers themselves. The HHJC acts as a sharing platform

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