WIN a copy of Historic Bridges of Buckinghamshire

Competition ends 30th September 2021.

A lavishly illustrated volume exploring the historic bridges of Buckinghamshire forthe first time: their structure, history, and chronology.

Bridges have always played an important role in the socio-economic history of humandevelopment. In Buckinghamshire and across the world, they have a key aspect of historicaltravel, trade systems, and road networks. Throughout history, the hundreds of bridges anchored the Buckinghamshire road network to its landscape, and once established provedremarkably durable.

Through unique photographs, stories and historical records, Hall looks at the historic bridges that make up the chronology of Buckinghamshire. Varied in architectural structure and practical use, this beautifully illustrated volume reveals bridges to be a cornerstone of thehistory and culture of Buckinghamshire.

  • The first monograph to provide a comprehensive examination of the history of the fascinatingbridges of
  • Combining first-hand research and secondary, historical sources, the chronology, history, and rich culture of Buckinghamshire is revealed as never before.
  • Featuring an abundance of original and unpublished photographs of the bridges, this is the perfecttitle for avid pontists or those interested in local British archaeology and history.

Marshall Hall is a retired professor of socio-anthropology with a lifelong interest in travel,linguistics, and architecture. He originally moved from the University of Cincinnati to Englandto teach for the American College in London and 33 years later still calls the UK home. Today, Marshall writes, teaches the occasional university class as a guest lecturer, and is an excellentpublic speaker.



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