An accident with a happy ending says Buckinghamshire’s Julia Scott

There’s always a silver lining if you look hard enough, in my opinion!

An accident in June 2018 left me furious that my normally full and hectic life had stopped so abruptly. After two days of fretting though, whilst horizontal in hospital, I realised I finally had time to complete the book I’d been struggling to finish, fitting it around a large family and my teaching job.

Three months in plaster, and a further three months with wheelchair and crutches, gave me enough laptop time to complete my first story, Beth, about a fifteen-year-old girl who finds herself pregnant – a mystery as she’s never even been kissed. She’s in denial, but what will she do?

Following numerous proof-reads and rewrites in 2019, whilst literally getting back on my feet, suddenly life stopped in it’s tracks again with the arrival of the pandemic.

Covid-19, and the enforced lockdown, again brought normal life to a halt; but I had learned my lesson. I spent 2020 getting Beth published, at the same time writing the sequel, Beth Again. The second story follows on from the first, this time dealing with euthanasia. How precious is life at either end of the scale? You decide.

My stories aim to increase understanding of these two traumatic situations, add often-missed information and view them from different angles; also, like the novels by my favourite author Jodi Picoult, absolutely forbid you to sit on the fence.

I haven’t been inside a classroom since before my accident, nor do I intend to. I love teaching, it’s in my bone marrow, but private home-tutoring is enough for me because I now love being an author too. Book three here I come.

Beth and Beth Again are both available online from Amazon and Waterstones

Beth:             ISBN: 978-1-80031-578-5

Beth Again: ISBN: 978-1-80031-346-0


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