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Keep Calm Eat Plants

Jessica of Keep Calm Eat Plants is a foodie blogger who, following health issues, changed her diet to become plant-based and gluten free.

She explained “I want to show you how you can make plant-based sweet treats taste better than shop bought ones without using chemicals”.

With inspiration from influencers such as Deliciously Ella, The Food Medic and Coupe DC (a fruitarian), Jessica likes to eat a variety of foods of all colours. She told us “I want to share this with the world that we can eat a diverse range of foods, both sweet and savoury, entirely plant-based and as raw as possible. I want to show that this is a much better way of eating and trying new things without harming the environment or your own health”.

Luckily for us, Jessica offers a delivery service encouraging the community to try new things. She said “I want people to understand that plant-based alternatives are not harder to make, they can taste just as yummy (if not better) and are sometimes healthier!” Everything she makes is gluten free, vegan and the only sugar content is from maple syrup, vanilla powder or coconut sugar. However, they are not suitable for people with nut allergies as most of what she makes contains nuts.

We tried the cherry and polenta cake; full of cherry chunks with a crumbly cake texture that went very well with some plant-based cream. Craving a more chocolate based dessert we tasted the hazelnut brownie which was packed with hazelnuts and a rich dark chocolate; it definitely satisfied our chocolate craving and we added some plant-based ice cream to make it even more tasty.

A firm favourite of ours was the banana and walnut loaf that had a strong banana hit with chunks of delicious walnut, and the peanut butter and jam bites with their peanut butter taste and crumbly texture with a hint of jam, adding a burst of sweetness, went down very well.

We thoroughly enjoyed these tasty vegan treats which proved to us you do not need to use eggs or dairy based products to satisfy your cake cravings; plant-based desserts can be just as delicious!

You can order with Jessica through her Instagram and Facebook pages, her menus are available online from Tuesdays, orders must be placed by 7pm on Thursday for deliveries on Saturdays. Deliveries are available in High Wycombe and surrounding areas as Jessica is based in Stokenchurch. Minimum spend: £10.

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