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Little Kolkata

Tucked down a quiet road in Covent Garden is a unique restaurant showcasing the amazing food of Kolkata, India.

Ideally located nearby the bustling atmosphere of Covent Garden, similar to that of Kolkata, the Bengali Canteen offers an authentic experience from the food to the decor.

The Bengali Canteen style restaurant makes you feel nothing but comfortable. With inspiration from the owners’ hometown and personal homes, the restaurant transports you to a warm and welcoming environment, with decor to make you believe that you’re in Kolkata. Limited seating is also available outside the front of the restaurant, where you can enjoy your meal or a few of their wonderful drinks, weather depending of course!

Owners Prabir Chattopadhyay and Biswajit Deb Das have brought over a menu of recipes that date back as far as 300 years, as well as an assortment of either traditional beverages or some that we know and love but with a Bengali twist. Asking the owners for recommendations from their menus, as we did, is highly advised as they can guide you to what you will enjoy the most and they are very happy to help.

Shying away from the things we didn’t recognise on the menu would have meant we didn’t get to try (what we think was) the showstopper of the night and that was the Luchi – soft, airy, flaky bread that melts in the mouth and can be dipped into, or used to mop up, the remaining curry sauces in your dishes. We tasted an assortment of street food dishes, vegetarian, fish and meat dishes and not one of them disappointed. The only disappointment was that we couldn’t manage to finish all the food our greedy bellies wanted so badly.

For a deliciously pleasing, authentic experience, visit Little Kolkata, at 51-53, Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JU. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump on the train into London from any Chiltern Railways station.
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