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Lockdown life for local business

Buzz Hub Co are based just over the Bucks/Herts border in Tring. In this article they write about how they are supporting local businesses during the current situation.

Like hiya bucks, they want these businesses to still have that support once life is back to normal; if it ever is! We couldn’t agree with them more and as some of the businesses they work with are businesses we also work with we felt we wanted to share their heartfelt thoughts with you. Our local businesses who are diversifying in any way they can to keep their businesses going are here for life, not just the lockdown.

Katy Murray from the Buzz Hub Co says:

Over the last few weeks of Covid-19 lockdown, we’ve watched our lives turn upside down and we’ve learnt to exist largely from the confines of our homes. The reality of our lockdown lives may vary but what we all know is the restriction from many of the wonderful local facilities that we’ve enjoyed with great freedom. From shops, cafes, restaurants, even some open spaces and anything that requires contact with human beings is now off limits. The effect for small business is nothing short of devastating and whilst government support goes some way to relieve the strain, the reality is, most businesses need to adapt to stay afloat.

With connections to many small businesses, it was heart-breaking to watch public access close and their custom cut-off. I myself have had to say goodbye to my own paid freelance work over the last few weeks as my clients shut down their businesses. However, our business community here in the Chilterns is nothing short of resilient and watching their metamorphosis into their new online adapted identities has been nothing but inspirational.

The fitness community were first to take up the challenge. Our fitness professionals embraced the technical challenge and have adopted running their classes virtually by systems like Zoom. Check out Zest Yoga, Tring Yoga, Soraya Yoga, The Pilates House, On the Limit Gym, and Jog On running for great inspiration. Provision of these classes has been essential to our wellbeing – we need the physical exercise to stay well both mentally and physically. But it gives us more than that – it also gives us that much needed link to the community we’ve become used to.

Then there’s the foodie businesses. Never would our farm shops imagine that they’d be turning orders away or selling out of flour. In fact, the work of these businesses has quite literally been keeping us alive. Farm Shops such as Peterley Manor farm have adapted to take their business online and are now offering click and collect for our essential food items. PE Mead are offering delivery for those at risk and the Culture Bakery are offering regular bread and pastry deliveries. Others such as Rumsey’s chocolatier, Puddingstone Distillery and Tring Winery are bringing us joy by delivering those all-important treats to our door when we need it most. One of my favourite outcomes of lockdown life has to be the at-home dining that is delivered by culinary masters such as Native Feasts or picked up from fine dining restaurants like Crockers Henley. I hope to see a little more of this in post-lockdown life!

As you can probably tell, talking local business is one of my favourite things and I really could carry on all day! However, in all this, there is an important message – we do need to keep supporting these wonderful small businesses. One day lockdown will be over, we’ll be back to the life we knew before and these small businesses will have a new role to play – helping to re-build our economy. They are our future and I for one will be sure to fight for the ones that I use and enjoy. I want to see those that went out of their way through difficult times survive and I want to be part of the reason they are still there, keeping our community bright in years to come.
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