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Brand-new company Locker Days has launched

With the end of one school year fast approaching, that means another is only around the corner. Why not get ready for the new term with a customised locker, courtesy of Locker Days?

Locker Days have really tapped into something unique. Using innovative wallpapers, magnets and photo pegs, Locker Days offer students a way to add some colour to their everyday lives. School lockers may not seem like something worth putting a personal touch on but, with the range of designs on offer, Locker Days are providing the chance to turn plain, boring pieces of school equipment into customisable pieces of individual student style.

Designed with school-aged girls between 11 and 14 in mind, the concept behind Locker Days is a simple one: capture that love of interior designing and personalisation to provide an every-day creative outlet and boost well-being. A wealth of evidence shows that back pain from carrying heavy school bags is on the rise, whilst the number of girls saying they felt ‘very happy’ at school is on the decline. If Locker Days’ creative solutions to ordinary lockers are also effective in helping school-aged girls feel both happier and healthier, then their products are worth more than just their fantastic designs.

Locker Days have plenty of options on offer to personalise a locker, such as their Locker Wallpapers with various designs available, from bolder graphics like their Flamingo/ Pineapple graphic, to subtler palettes like their Marble design. Glitter Magnetic Photo Pegs for keeping notes and reminders, or even just boosting messages to brighten up a day, are available, as well as Message Magnets with positive messages for an added feel-good factor. And, if none of their Starter Packs are for you, you can build your own locker across a selection of Locker Days products for a truly personal product.

So, as summer and the next academic year rapidly approaches, why not prepare for a happier, healthier and brighter school year by embracing those creative roots and adding some much-needed colour to school life?

To check out some of Locker Days’ awesome designs, or to make pre-orders for the next school year, visit

Don’t just take our word for it…

Locker Days already have plenty of satisfied customers:

“I really enjoyed decorating and making the Locker my own style”

“The carpet will be so much nicer and cover the old stickers and gum”

“It’s so easy to decorate”

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