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Mama Dor’s Kitchen

Mama Dor’s Kitchen: Restaurant-quality home cooking

Looking for a new way to spice up your home-cooking? Mama Dor’s Kitchen has the solution…

If you’ve ever struggled with inspiration in the kitchen, then Mama Dor’s Kitchen could be perfect for you, providing pre-prepared Indian spice mixes straight to your doorstep. Giz Dor, head ‘spice mixologist’ and creator of Mama Dor’s Kitchen, is the genius behind the company.

Combining years of experience after learning to cook recipes handed down through generations alongside her mother in their own home kitchen, Giz has created a unique set of authentic Indian spice blends that allow you to indulge in delicious Indian cuisine without having to pay restaurant prices.

From dahls and masalas, through sag aloo and Bombay potatoes, all the way to samosas, bhajis and pakoras, Mama Dor’s Kitchen makes it easy and affordable to have a restaurant-quality meal from your own kitchen. However, the genius behind Giz’s perfectly balanced spice blends is the recipe card that she provides alongside every jar, giving you a recipe that will create a perfect dish every time.

Made up only of herbs and spices, all of Mama Dor’s spice blends are sugar, gluten and animal-product free, making them usable for any and every dietary requirement. The jars are not just one use either; a 60g jar is enough for 4-5 meals and can last up to 6 months, making the £5 price tag for a new jar of Bombay potatoes mix or the £7 for a delicious lentil dahl an absolute steal. 

Giz’s conscientiousness extends beyond the product too, with the laminated recipe cards designed to be used again and again, and the option to buy refills of the mixes for a lower price instead of a new jar every time to limit any environmental impact.

Even though I’m terrible at it, I do enjoy cooking at home, and Mama Dor’s Kitchen spice mixes allowed me to create wholesome, healthy and fresh Indian dishes at home without having to resort to a jar of pre-made sauce full of sugar and preservatives. But don’t just take my word for it; with jars starting at as little as £5, there’s no time like the present to get cooking.

For more information or to purchase some of the Mama Dor’s Kitchen spice mixes, visit

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