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I’d never been an artistic child. My Mum recalls that all the other children came out of kindergarten with pictures for their parents; I had nothing to show as I’d refused to take part in any artistic activity.

It was with some trepidation then that as a teenager I picked up my first ‘proper’ camera. I was 14 and I’d enrolled on the Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme through the school. I had to pick something to do for the ‘Skill’s’ section of the Bronze award and after a little encouragement from my parents, photography became the chosen course.

My hesitation changed as soon as I saw my first ever image magically appear on a piece of paper in a tray of developing fluid under a red safe light; a black and white landscape of three rowing boats on the River Wye in High Wycombe. It was then that I became hooked on this artform.

After changing career plans from Primary Teacher to Photographer my working life started at 18 years old as an assistant at Hamilton Photographic. This was an advertising studio where I learnt not only how to light pretty much everything from food, to spark plugs, to the whole car itself, but also how to talk to people professionally.

After a couple of years I moved on and my career between studio assistant and owner of Mark Hewitson Photography consisted of retail shop work, tropical fish maintenance in homes and offices and 12 years on the frontline for the Ambulance service working as an Emergency Medical Technician and then later as a Paramedic.

In 2010 I set up Mark Hewitson Photography in High Wycombe, originally as a family portrait photographer with sessions taking place at a studio I hired by the hour on days off from the Ambulance service. In 2016 I moved the business to just over the Oxfordshire border in Milton Common on the outskirts of Thame.

Since then the business has evolved from family portraits to pet photography and now around 95% of all my work is creating amazing bespoke portraits of pets, with my artwork hanging on walls in all corners of the world.

The Mark Hewitson Photography tag line is ‘The most personal piece of artwork you will ever own’ and it is with that in mind that I create your pets’ portraits. Every pet is unique and all require a different approach. Some are nervous and take a little time to warm up to the session, some are happy go lucky and easily take being a model in their stride.

Regardless of your pet’s temperament, one thing is guaranteed, you’ll walk away with amazing personal artwork you’ll want to hang on your walls and show off to everyone.

01844 278015 / 01844 318055

3-4 Rycote Lane Farm, Rycote Lane, Milton Common, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 2NZ


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