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Migraines & Me: Chapter 31

I was hoping for a good start to 2019 with regards to my migraines but it turns out I didn’t even make it through January without one!

Unfortunately for me, the first one occurred in my sleep which is the number one worst time for a migraine to begin. The reason behind this is that I am fast asleep and totally unaware of what is going on. When the headache gets really bad it is usually when I wake up, meaning that I feel pretty sick from the amount of pain I’m in; the pain was so bad that even when taking really strong painkilling tablets the pain didn’t go away for a very long time!

Although a second migraine didn’t occur this time (not that I’m aware of as I could have had another whilst sleeping) the pain didn’t really go away for at least 48 hours.

My eyes took a long time to recover as well. I think it was over a week until I felt comfortable to drive again! It’s a strange thing to describe as I can see everything but I feel dizzy, over tired, and as though my reactions are much slower than usual. I also have to concentrate more on what I’m looking at as my peripheral vision is a little fuzzy for the first few days after a migraine.

I was advised by someone to trial melon seeds crushed with almonds and pistachios daily, only a teaspoon full, as it may prevent any further migraines. Have you tried this? Please let me know if you have! I would love to know more.

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