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Migraines & Me: Chapter 32

I recently read that people believe migraine sufferers commonly suffer with tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

 Studies have shown that you are at more risk of suffering with tinnitus if you suffer with migraines or regular headaches. Since a member of my family suffers with tinnitus and migraines (fortunately only the aura of the migraine), I am also beginning to believe this.

I understand that the most common reasons for tinnitus to occur are loud noises, for example with musicians it’s quite common, or a head injury, but I do think it makes sense that several severe headaches could cause a sharp ringing in the ears.

It’s scary to think that around 10% of the population suffer from tinnitus, but at least it’s likely that we can talk to someone who is going through the same thing as us, right? Being a migraine sufferer and not having anyone to talk to about it is tough, because people don’t understand what you’re talking about. They also under estimate how bad a migraine headache can be and how scary it is to suffer from an aura! I’ve worked as a supervisor in a previous job where someone has used a migraine as an excuse for not coming into work when they don’t even suffer with migraines! That really hurts because then people like us who suffer aren’t taken seriously.

It’s said that during the time of having a migraine, whether it be before the migraine occurs, during, or a few days after, the tinnitus gets worse. As the migraine goes the tinnitus is slightly easier to live with.

Along with tinnitus and migraines other symptoms can occur, including: depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances and increased stress levels. I mean, can you blame a person suffering with a headache/migraine and tinnitus at once saying they’re stressed?!

There is so much more I could say so please email me if you’d like to discuss further or have a look online as I find reading about the connections really interesting.

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