Exclusive interview with hot new music artist Vinnyvg

We spoke to home-grown talent Vinnyvg AKA Kyle Perry from Aylesbury who despite only recently finding music has turned his lockdown into one full of accomplishments, not least with the release of his debut single, O.G, out across all major platforms.

When asked who Vinnyvg is, he said: ‘a local Bucks’ boy who after a lifetime of singing in the shower has decided to turn his talents public.’

We’ve listened to his track (out now on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud) and its chilled vibes were the perfect soundtrack to our lazy lockdown weekend. We wanted to know what inspired him to write the track and where the idea stemmed from: ‘For me it’s about personal growth and how things take time, persistence and sometimes a bit of encouragement too. I kinda just wanted to say you might not be where you want to be right now, but you’re not gonna get any better at something by giving up’.

Now bear with, as we’re introducing some terms we’re unfamiliar with(!), but VVG  offers a combo of ‘slacker pop’ with ‘neo-soul’ influences making for his ultra-cool, mega laid back sound. Despite discovering music relatively recently, he sounds established –  we thought we’d accidentally clicked on a Maverick Sabre hit, he’s mellow, self-assured and in complete harmony with his lyrics. Vinnyvg shared with us his musical influences and favourite artists: ‘Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Ady Suleiman and Tom Misch, both are great at creating a laid back sound that makes you want to bop your head. Another artist I’m a big fan of is Symbol Soup, an incredible guitarist that weaves unique sounds in and out of his tracks almost taking you on a little journey as you listen’.

Last month Hiya Bucks reviewed BBC Sounds and BRITS Rising Star artist Celeste, and there are similarities, mainly being so easy listening they’re the perfect backdrop to the daily grind, the weekend chill, the home-baking sessions (!) and anything in between. Vinnyvg’s vibes in O.G are transporting us to happier times – his mood is totally chilled and zen. This is the impact Vinnyvg’s striving for, he’s confident, ‘if you’re looking for a laid back sound to chill to, I’m your man, it also strokes my ego massively which is great too!

So what are Vinnyvg’s plans for the future?

I’m planning to release an EP off the back of this single release and will be looking to do some live gigs once we’re all allowed to party again. I just want as many people to hear my music as possible and have fun with it on the way.

Well, one single down and hopefully many more to come, go forth and follow @thevinnyvg ON Instagram, we think he’s going places. Check out his debut release O.G on Spotify and iTunes.


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