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Here at Hiya Bucks we love to visit somewhere beautiful in Buckinghamshire so we can tell you all about it. Finding the right weather to explore can be tricky, especially at this time of year. We checked the forecast and noticed a couple of hours of sunshine were due one afternoon in early January, so we grabbed our raincoats and appropriate footwear and off we set.

Turville is a really pretty little village in the Chiltern hills, approximately 16 miles from Beaconsfield, 8 miles from Marlow or 5 miles from High Wycombe. It’s a scenic drive, whichever direction you travel from, and you pass many inviting pubs in little villages and hamlets which we hope to explore over the coming months!

High on the hill above the village is the privately-owned windmill which featured in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The church of St. Mary the Virgin was the well-known setting for the TV series the Vicar of Dibley and the village has been used for filming scenes for many other programmes such as Midsomer Murders and Lewis.

We followed the footpath which begins at the telephone box, crosses over the road, goes between the brick and flint cottages, through a wooden gate and then up Cobstone Hill towards the windmill. It’s a steep climb, seriously, IT’S A STEEP CLIMB, but worth it to get the view from the top. Unfortunately you can’t really see the windmill from the top as, being private, it’s hidden behind trees and a big fence.

We were lucky the sun shone as you can see from the photos, but the dark clouds were never far away and it was so windy we didn’t hang around in case the weather turned. Coming back down the hill was an entirely different matter! Slipping and sliding on the near vertical slope, well it looked near vertical, we decided the only thing to do was hang on to the fence for dear life. Thankfully we made it in one piece and we had a good laugh at the scene we must have set when we got to the bottom. Strangely, no-one else was walking up the hill this particular afternoon!

Unfortunately the village pub is closed weekday afternoons so we can’t comment on their hospitality but peering through the windows it looked nice.

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hiya bucks

Here at hiya bucks we go on regular walks exploring the local towns, villages, public footpaths, gardens, rivers, lakes and more! We love getting out and about discovering new places to visit and we thoroughly enjoy going to local events and getting involved with the community. We hope to inspire others to step out of their daily routines and see more of our Beautiful Buckinghamshire.