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Passyunk Avenue wings

I love being able to eat things at home that I normally wouldn’t make myself. I love eating food which has heart and soul in it. Food from a specific part of the world which sums up everything about that place.

For those in the USA two things come up to mind when they think about Philadelphia, no, not the cheese, but the Philly Cheesesteak and Wings. Based in Cleveland St and Westfield Stratford in London, Passyunk Avenue has been bringing Philly food and dive bar vibes to London for a while, but now they are delivering a taste of Philly LOVEbundles all around the UK.

It was with great delight that a big box of love was dropped off to me in Bucks, the cold stuff was still cold and my taste buds were salivating. They call their boxes LOVEbundles to play with the Greek translation of Philadelphia meaning brotherly love and referencing the famous Love Sculpture in the city.

They’re designed to bring comfort and reassurance, taking their ingredients and putting them in your kitchen. The aim is to immerse you in a real American bar experience at home, and boy do they deliver. The fun instructions include both written and video versions for the simple things you have to do to turn the ingredients into a taste sensation. There’s a dive bar playlist that you can get rocking as you prepare and eat the meal and a lovely video that shows you what Philly is.

For two of us we got 12 wings which required 30 mins in the oven before being coated in Buffalo sauce and a blue cheese dip. When touring the USA a post-show treat would always be a plate of wings in a bar. I’d been having cravings for them for a while and as soon as I bit into a Passyunk Avenue wing I felt like I was back in an American bar. Perfectly crispy yet moist chicken wings (sourced from Smithfield Market) with a Buffalo sauce that is spicy, tangy, sour and leaves the lips tingling; it’s one of the most moreish dishes in the world!

The prime rib eye steak went inside freshly baked hoagie bread alongside fried onions and smothered in gooey, yellow, thick, cheese wiz sauce. It drooled all over the plate as we ravishingly tucked into this famous American food. As their playlist blared, I truly felt like I was in a great American bar with the food going down perfectly. It was a plate of soul, of place, of life and of amazing American bar food.

For those that can get into London Passyunk Avenue are doing 50p wings when you dine in, and are selling their Gobbler Sandwich filled with turkey.

If you can’t get there in person the LOVEbundles are available here