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The final Saturday of February saw The Front Room in High Wycombe host the Plants & Prosecco event, an innovative creation from Began’s Vegan Street Food, that saw us treated to drinks, dancing and, most important of all, a diverse range of delicious vegan treats.

If you’ve never come across the Began’s Vegan Street Food van before then you’re missing out. Serving up all sorts of vegan treats, Becky has been bringing great vegan food to High Wycombe’s high street since November 2016, serving up deliciously dirty vegan burgers to plant-based fanatics from all around Bucks. On the final Saturday in February, Becky brought her offerings into a new arena with her Plants & Prosecco event at The Front Room.

The Front Room was the perfect venue for the event; a relaxed, rustic atmosphere created by the untreated, wooden tables and shelves of books in all directions made for the ideal, edgy locale befitting the vibe. The till area usually reserved for coffee making had become a makeshift bar, serving a range of beers, wine and spirits (all vegan, of course) as well as some more unusual soft drinks.

We settled down onto a table with a drink, listening to Audio Venom playing some big dance anthems, and waited as Becky and her team brought out delight after delight. Menus on the table had already given us an idea of what was to come, but nothing could have prepared our taste buds for what we were served. Each canape was unique, adding a different range of flavours from the last. Everything was so good that it’s a real task to pick favourites, but our personal highlights included the Pocket Breakfast (a whole meal in a tiny pitta) the Seitan Sliders (the ‘meatiest’ vegan burger I’ve ever tasted) the Palate Cleanser (a well-balanced set of fruit that tasted as fresh as it sounds) the Crispy Cauliflower (like a sweet’n’sour chicken ball but better) and the Caramel & Biscotti Cheesecake (a dessert so unbelievably good that I managed to grab a second!)
It was a wonderful event that combined the joy of tipsy dancing with delicious, wholesome food. A massive thank you to Becky and her team for putting on such a great night!

You can find the Began’s van on Friday at the Wycombe market.

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