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Radfield Home Care is a family company which was established in 2008 by brother and sister team Alex Green and Dr Hannah MacKechnie, a qualified GP. They themselves grew up in a residential home for elderly people, so have had a lifetime of caring for others and understanding the unique needs of people as they grow older.

The business has steadily grown and a local office covering South Buckinghamshire was set up in 2018, led by director Matt Barnes.

Radfield provide a quality-led, care at home service and to this end embraces the most up to date technology. This ensures that alerts and updates are sent from each client visit to the office in real-time, to ensure a highly responsive service. Family members can also have access to the system via a care app, that allows them to log in and view notes and task completion from each visit; especially handy when they are away or live further afield from their relatives.

The local Radfield office pride themselves on being Living Wage Accredited. This means they pay their care professionals in excess of the Living Wage, which is based on the real cost of living as opposed to the minimum wage and something only 7,000 employers have done nationwide so far.  This includes paying carers their full hourly rate for travelling in between calls, not just when they are with clients. As director Matt explains, ‘this ensures we can attract the best staff, that they are looked after and remunerated properly, and ultimately feel rewarded. This is also a key factor in providing the best quality of care for our clients’.  

The service provided by Radfield is very flexible and can start from as little as 1 hour per week. This can then be increased as required, dependent on one’s needs. The services provided range from companionship and domestic assistance to personal care, medication administration, Dementia and Parkinson’s care and much more.

At the heart of the operation is an ethos of enhancing client’s lives, promoting dignity in care and allowing people to remain in their home, where their memories are, as opposed to moving into a care home or residential setting.  

For more information, please contact the Radfield Home Care office on 01494 611085 or email


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