Remembering the Oscars, a new show from Janette and Alijaž

‘A night of glitz and glamour’: Remembering the Oscars, a new show from Janette and Aljaž

Strictly stars Janette and Aljaž are back on tour in the New Year with their brand-new show ‘Remembering the Oscars’. Featuring songs and dances from some of the greatest movies of all time, it’s going to be an incredible show, and it’s fair to say they’re more than excited to get going.

‘I was up last night until 2am because I was so excited!’ says Janette, as I catch up with the couple. ‘When your creative juices are flowing you don’t cut them.’ With all the creative spark firing away within these two, it’s an exciting thought to wonder just what they’ve got in store.

‘It’s going to be all about Oscar-winning and nominated films,’ says Aljaž. ‘Last year we did our show ‘Remembering the Movies’ so this year we had to come back with an even bigger and better show. There’s so much to pick from.’

‘If you follow my social media you’ll see I’m a huge Disney fan!’ laughs Janette, ‘So we’ll be doing some pretty intense Disney stuff.’ With such a range of material to choose from, it’s unsurprising who Janette and Aljaž see as their target audience.

‘We feel like this show is for everyone!’ says Janette, ‘There’s this magic that film brings and I think there’s something like that for everyone and that’s what’s so nice about our show – we want to recreate that magic. A family show with something for everyone.’

Before they’re whisked away back to rehearsals, I have to ask just what it’s like to be working together as a married couple.

‘We don’t get along,’ Aljaž says instantly, before they both laugh. Janette is quick to correct him:
‘The chemistry we have is obviously real and our favourite thing to do on stage is those romantic dances. The passion and the love is already there, so it’s quite magical.’ The energy and chemistry these two have is both apparent and abundant, and they’re just as excited to arrive in Buckinghamshire as we all are to have them.

‘We love Aylesbury and we’re really excited to come back into this gorgeous town and celebrate movies. It’s mesmerising, magical and fabulous!’

Remembering the Oscars comes to the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre on March 20th 2021.

You can get tickets here: https://www.atgtickets.com/shows/remembering-the-oscars/aylesbury-waterside-theatre/.

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