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BASEcamp – Melissa Scott – Total Body Training

If you’re looking for a workout that will improve your figure then this is the one for you!

BASEcamp with Melissa Scott – Total Body Training is 100% focused on your whole body, from your arms, to your legs, to your abs, to your back to everything else! Believe us when we tell you it is not an easy class, but it is extremely motivational, and you will feel the difference two days later.If you’ve done circuits before, this is kind of like that, it was a circuit based HIIT class we took part in. 

We moved around seven different stages, with 3 sets of 30 seconds on each stage and two 15 second rests in between them. Some are easier than others, which gives you a nice variation between hard and not so hard! We ended the class with a classic game of tug of war which was such fun and a real team activity.

Melissa and her team are phenomenal, they constantly check to see how you’re doing and keep you on your toes, leaving no room for slack. They motivate you by constantly telling you that you CAN push further and you don’t have long left of what you’re currently doing, which we found beneficial to hear. They were saying to us “just think of that six pack”, which is certainly what we would like to gain from a summer course, even if it’s a very subtle one!The location is wonderful! 

You train out in a natural sunken woodland area not far from Chenies Manor House, just across from the Melissa Scott – Total Body Training studio, with wilderness surrounding you. In the summer with this heat the last thing we wanted was to head indoors and feel all the body heat increasing, so being outside gave you those moments of a cool breeze which really helped.

Drop in classes are £14.

Classes are running: 

Monday – 9:30am

Tuesday – 7:30pm

Wednesday – 9:30am

Thursday – 7:30pm

Saturday – 8am

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