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Premium plant-based pasta: Sacla’s free-from range

With Sacla’s extensive range of free-from options, it’s never been easier to enjoy your favourite meals, regardless of your diet.

Sacla have long been one of the biggest names in the pesto and pasta sauce market, and the Beaconsfield-based company have now increased their range to cover any and every diet, from gluten or dairy-free, to vegan and vegetarian.

There are the classic Sacla pestos available, both tomato and pine nut based and both free from wheat, gluten and dairy. There are also some alternative flavours like a smoky, tangy, roasted aubergine pesto that would delight any pasta lover.

For a real special treat, Sacla have developed their Vegan White Sauce, a perfect vegan bechamel sauce, and a vegan Bolognese sauce, ideal for making a whole vegan lasagne. And, if that wasn’t enough, there’s also their Vegan Ch**se Sauce, a vegan cheese-like sauce ideal for making a hearty, dairy-free mac’n’cheese.

It’s not just about pasta either; Sacla have also got a great range of free-from salad dressings and sauces (including a remarkable Vegan Blue Ch**se Dressing) to a stunning Vegan Garlic Mayonnaise, perfect for enjoying a crisp salad in the last few days of the warm sun.

Whether you’re following a plant-based diet yourself, or you’re just interested in trying something new, Sacla’s free-from range will undoubtedly delight.

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