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Saturday night delights from Wabi Sabi Kitchen

By Katie Royals

Now more than ever dinner is an important feature in any household’s routine.

Discussions about what’s for dinner have become prime entertainment, as most other activities have been restricted. But thinking up a meal and cooking it every evening, while trying to make as few shopping trips as possible, is remarkably difficult. If this is starting to get you down, Kei, from Wabi Sabi Kitchen, can give you a night off.

Currently, Kei is offering authentic Japanese cuisine for on Saturday evenings, as she diversifies her business to survive during the current climate.

Kei’s main business is teaching Japanese cookery classes, which she describes as her passion. “It’s not just about the cooking, but also the table manner and culture,” she explained. And people come far and wide for these classes, regularly travelling from London and even Cambridge to benefit from her expertise.

However, this side of the business is clearly not sustainable at the moment due to social distancing measures, so instead Kei is cooking the food for customers via a takeaway and delivery service. She offers a fixed menu with a vegetarian and a meat option but offers variety as it changes weekly.

Last week, chicken teriyaki was on the menu. As there’s very little Japanese catering available in Buckinghamshire, I didn’t know what to expect. On opening the box, the first thing that struck me was the immaculate presentation – even in a takeaway container a dainty butterfly carved out of a pepper sat perfectly on top of the bed of rice.

Presentation is very important to Kei, “eating is not just about the taste,” she explained. But the taste was not to be outdone by the presentation. The sauce complemented the tender chicken well and the salad provided a great accompaniment.

The service is proving very successful. Many people are coming back week after week to the point where she had over 70 orders one week alone.

But the process of fulfilling them is extremely time consuming. The ingredients aren’t the sort of thing you’ll find on the shelves in Tesco – the shopping alone takes a whole day before she can even begin cooking.

As it has been so popular, post-lockdown Kei said she may well continue this service, particularly if she’s able to employ someone to help her with the demands.

Kei also indicated she’s considering starting some online cookery classes, so watch this space…

To place an order, or find out more, contact Kei at or on 07717 774738