Artisan Producers

Craft Coop

New shop opens in High Wycombe – Bringing community spirit back to the British High Street. With over 35 different local crafters represented including…

The Kitchen Mixer

It’s November and that means we need to eat comfort food. We know it’s wrong and we should be getting the feelgood factor from exercising and eating…

Hattie McGill

Hattie McGill is a hand embroidery artist based in Buckinghamshire, whose work is inspired by the natural world around us. She creates three dimensional…

Jim&Jules Big Adventure

We love this story. An artisan business born out of the need to raise money for their wedding using apples from a family orchard. Ten years later, Jim and Jules are married with 2 children and a thriving business.


Everyone needs a t-shirt don’t they? Where would we be without our “go-to” t-shirts? Chalfont St. Giles based Ivy have designed t-shirts that, in my mind, are perfect. They are loose fitting, in a relaxed style, that flatter all shapes and sizes.

Shoe Emporium

Made with the softest leather, with prices that are affordable for all budgets I’ll be popping back often. I can’t wait to wear these Rylko shoes which are suitable for casual smart, evening, occasion and even everyday wear, although not perhaps for wearing in a muddy field.

Perfume & Philanthropy

Zoe Brown Perfume has teamed up with William’s Fund, a charity based in Buckinghamshire, to launch a unique fundraising campaign. Their partnership will take this niche perfume to a customer base of people who appreciate locally produced artisan products.

We Made Drinks

Always on the look out for Bucks-based artisan producers, we took to Instagram to discover food and drink entrepreneurs. We Made Drinks caught our eye and after a few emails back and forth we had a selection of sample drinks to try.

Candy & Mischief

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and Mother’s Day not far off, these Amersham produced artisan soaps and scented oils are the perfect gift.

Amy Louise

A textile designer based in Buckinghamshire. These pieces are all hand painted and are made for display purposes.  Please contact me for any enquiries, this is just a small selection of what I can do. 

Buckinghamshire Honey

We love honey. Especially honey made by an artisan producer based here in Bucks. We met Tony Daly at the Marlow Artisan Food & Crafts market recently.


Autumn in Waitrose

This autumn Waitrose has morphed into Waitrose And Partners highlighting that the business has a unique structure with the employees owning the business.

Is Stilton created in Stilton like Champagne is distilled in Champagne?

While working with the cheeses at Waitrose recently I started noticing some of the products have initials after their description. AOP, AOC, PDO and PGI…

Waitrose, past, present and future

We have recently celebrated employee ownership day (29th June), a national event celebrating the success of employee owned businesses, like the John Lewis partnership.

Holiday Time

It’s holiday time and millions of us Brits will be off to the beach; chances are you may notice some plastic floating by as you sunbathe. As everyone will now be aware the world’s oceans are polluted with plastic. Eight million tonnes of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year. From an estimated 300 million…

Beautifully Simple – Recipes & Cookery Books

With the recent launch of the Waitrose “beautifully simple” selection I thought we could take a look at recipes. Today we might unlock the phone screen, or consult with our smart speaker, when looking for inspiration for a new dish, but for centuries recipes have been an important part of cooking and…


As we approach the summer months British produce comes to the fore in Waitrose assortments. We will try to source British whenever possible and during the warmer months of April to August British tomatoes are at their best. The origin of tomatoes can be traced back to the early Aztecs around 700 AD, so…


Between the weather melting your ice cream in milliseconds and chilly rain, there are days this summer where it’s been perfect picnic weather. So many festivals and events at this time of year allow you to bring in your own food, and WAITROSE new WORLD DELI range is the perfect…

A new year, new intentions?

This is the time of year that sees many people looking at their lifestyle and setting resolutions to do more exercise. Whether you are lacing up your running shoes, climbing on your bike or trying to find your gym membership card, the chances are you are thinking “what fuel do I need to go faster, further or longer?”.

Waitrose Foundation Products

One of the Waitrose Way pillars is treating people fairly and this is not just customers and partners but suppliers and farmers too. Back in 2005 Waitrose launched the Waitrose Foundation which has raised more than £3 million to help improve the lives of 22,000 farm workers and smallholders in Kenya…

The History of Chocolate

When you unwrap your Easter egg, or chocolate treat, do you ever think about the journey made by the product you are about to enjoy? Chocolate grows in a fairly narrow band close to the equator.

Shrove Tuesday

Tuesday 13th February is Pancake Day. It’s a day heavy on tradition and culinary expectation. Otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day is always the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of lent and falls 47 days before Easter Sunday.

Leckford: Golf, Gardens and Grapes!

At the time of writing people are returning from their summer holidays so it's nice to be able to reflect on my
summer week away at Leckford in Hampshire. My holiday was spent in a lodge on the site of old fruit pickers huts.

A Taste of Work for Jamie Bailey at Waitrose Beaconsfield

Jamie Bailey is now twenty four years old, but since leaving college at the age of nineteen he has had no luck in finding regular, paid work. The longer he spent at home, the less confidence he had in identifying what he might like to do, let alone apply for.

Festive Spirit

As we build up to Christmas many people “get into the spirit” by drinking a bit more of their favourite tipple, or perhaps switching to a seasonal treat like mulled wine, sherry or port. Consumption of alcohol in Britain increases by 40% in December so it’s important to enjoy the festivities but also remember drinking in moderation is important.