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Shoryu Ramen

When it comes to eating at home there are certain dishes I love but I just cannot be bothered to go to the effort of creating. Ramen is at the top of that list. If you’ve only ever had a basic ramen from Wagamama you are missing out on one of the most hearty, warming and delicious dishes in the world.

After visiting Japan a few years back, I discovered what good ramen should taste like and on my return to the UK I searched it out. A few places made the grade for me but in London (or Oxford) I’d regularly pop into Shoryu Ramen to get my broth and noodle fix.

Long may that fix continue as Shoryu are now offering the ultimate ramen at home experience with their DIY kit. There are six different types available including spicy, vegan and gluten free options. We went for the classic Ganso Ramen that comes with the original housemen noodles, their banging’ tonkotsu soup stock that is cooked for 12 hours, beautiful toppings and an incredibly marbled piece of Char Siu BBQ Pork Belly. Each kit contains enough for two people and they say you can have dinner on the table within 10 minutes. Turns out, they’re right!

The box arrived in the early afternoon, I placed what I needed to in the fridge and patiently waited to get my ramen on. Eventually I couldn’t wait any longer. The stock goes in a saucepan with some water and you bring it to a simmer. As soon as it started bubbling the smells that filled my house were incredible; Japan was just a sniff away.

As the stock boiled, I took their fresh noodles and gave them a quick dip in boiling water and I sliced and fried the pork belly. I often find it a bit under-cooked and too fatty in restaurants but I now get to char it a bit further.

10 minutes after putting the stock on it was ready. I poured the deep, rich soup into my bowl, filled it with the noodles and scattered the pork, reed ginger, spring onion and kikurage mushrooms on top. From the first sip to the last slurp, it was a delight.

DIY Kits are available from and start at £20 for two portions.