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South Bucks Hospice Volunteer Drives Notch Up 1,500 journeys in a year

The 16-strong team, who donate their services for free, provide patient transport to and from the charity based at Butterfly House, High Wycombe.

Jeff Wellington, Transport Co-ordinator at the Hospice, said he was stunned when he calculated the individual journeys at the end of 2018.

He said: “We did close to 1,500 trips for the year. I was shocked by how many we have done.”

“The drivers were also surprised when I told them how many trips they completed. It is fantastic.”

Jeff, a retired cabin crew manager for British Airways, is now in his 19th year of volunteering at the hospice.

“When I first started there were just four of us” he said. “The drivers come from varying backgrounds – some are retired while some work. They can claim petrol allowances if they wish but they do not get paid.”

The drivers make their pick-ups in the mornings to take people to the hospice for around 9.30am and then take them home between 2.30 to 3pm. Some work three or four days a week while others help out just once.

Jeff continued “These drivers provide the most amazing service to the Hospice and are absolutely crucial because many of the patients don’t drive and don’t have transport or the means to get to us.”

He added: “When I meet a prospective volunteer driver I emphasise what I consider to be three important points:

1. Volunteer drivers have a huge responsibility for the care and welfare of the patient for the duration of the journey.
2. I consider it a privilege that we as the volunteer drivers are able to enjoy the company of a patient during the journey time where we can chat on a one-to-one basis on a whole range of subjects.
3. It is a testament to our volunteer drivers that we are able to offer such a vital, important and integral function to the operation of Butterfly House.

South Bucks Hospice has many patient, family and carer services as well as crucial administrative supporting services who help assist the smooth running of the hospice.

They are always needing the help of volunteers in all areas so if you have a few hours to spare and would like to know more about volunteering, please call 01494 552750, email or click

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