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Suum Vietnamese Kitchen: Lockdown take aways

Delicious Vietnamese food made by family run business Suum Vietnamese Kitchen leaves you wanting more!

Owners Nhung Pham and her husband Nhan Nguyen have a passion for food as much as we do. They have created the whole menu themselves with (almost) everything made onsite; glass noodles are very hard to create in our English climate so we will let them off importing these directly from Vietnam. They grew up only 30 minutes away from each other in Hai Phong but met in London whilst studying. They now have two little boys under the age of 5 who taste test all of their dishes for the restaurant.

Food collection was extremely well organised and this is really important right now. Does anyone else worry when you turn up to a store/shop/restaurant that you won’t know where to stand and wait, where collection is, or the way other people are behaving around you? Are they keeping the 2m distance or will they forget? Well, we can tell you that upon arrival for collection the door has a sign telling you to wait outside. The table next to the door has a sign above it stuck to the window saying collection here with an arrow pointing to the table. The staff member opened the door to greet us but did not come out, he asked our name then we saw him hurry back in and collect our food from a container that was keeping it warm. When he opened the door again to give us our food we stepped back to give him some distance and he left the food on the table ready for us to pick up once he went back into the building.

The food we ate was so fresh and full of flavour! Now you may think the main or the dessert of your meal is usually the best bit but not here, the starters were our favourite part! The Saigon Sizzling Pancake I had was honestly one of the best things I’ve eaten in a while, I would order it again right now! My mouth is even watering just thinking about it. The pancake was still crispy when we got home and the filling still hot! It was also very filling which meant we could save some of our main for lunch the next day!

The chilli tofu tower was spicy with soft and fluffy tofu pieces, the sauce complimented the whole dish really well. Served with fresh chillies and onion it had that real kick that we love!

The homemade soy sauces: gluten free and gluten option, were unique with their own flavour. We loved them so much we used the leftover for an egg fried rice we made the next day.

Don’t miss out on the spring rolls, they are crispy, tasty and moreish. We loved them! They are made with rice giving the batter a crispier coating and crunchy bite to them.

I chose a traditional Vietnamese dish: Pho, which is a noodle soup. They have a variety of choice but this time I was tempted by the beef and brisket option. With a generous portion and high quality beef this dish was great to eat on a Friday night and again for a Saturday lunch. Even after reheating it, the flavour was still fantastic; go for this option if you like a nutty peanut sauce, which we do!

A gluten free, nut free, vegan or vegetarian diet does not restrict you in any way from eating at this restaurant. All the dietary requirements are listed on their menu, making it really easy for you to know exactly what you can and can’t order.

It’s great to know we have this tasty take out whilst in lockdown, but we do look forward to dining in and seeing the lovely Pham again soon.

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