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Suum Vietnamese Kitchen

Marlow’s family run restaurant Suum Vietnamese Kitchen (pronounced Soom) have just launched their brand new menu.


The Vietnamese definition of Suum is gathering together at dinner time which is exactly what we love to do here at hiya bucks!

Owners Nhung Pham and her husband Nhan Nguyen have a passion for food as much as we do. They have created the whole menu themselves with (almost) everything made onsite, glass noodles are very hard to create in our English climate so we will let them off importing these directly from Vietnam. They grew up only 30 minutes away from each other in Hai Phong but met in London whilst studying. They now have two little boys under the age of 5 who taste test all of their dishes for the restaurant.

The unique styling of Suum is all down to handmade wooden tiles that decorate the windows and adorn the mirrors making the restaurant feel very authentic. Pham visited the factory in Vietnam to hand pick the tiles for her restaurant and have them shipped over to Marlow just for all of us to see. Using very clever styling the restaurant appears much larger than it actually is. We strongly suggest you book a table before visiting unless it’s a spur of the moment “we’re starving where shall we eat”| kind of evening.

Oh, and the food, by the way, was divine! We ate all of these scrumptious goodies:

Pan-fried scallops served with a garlic and ginger dressing, garnished with spring onion oil and dry shallots with a homemade green seafood dipping sauce.

Clay pot Mekong catfish which was slow braised with caramelised purple onions, green peppercorns and a dash of fish sauce.

Passionfruit chicken, honey glazed with five spices, garlic and a passionfruit sauce accompanied by a small chicken soup on the side (see below).

Childhood combo including Mung bean sticky rice topped with shredded chicken breast, chicken gravy, Vietnamese sausages (lap xuong), shiitake mushroom, all garnished with thinly sliced lime leaves.

Finally, we couldn’t resist the Banana Fritters, all gooey and warm, served with ice cream and a dark and white chocolate drizzle.

We enjoyed our bowl of pho (chicken soup) which, having been to Vietnam and eaten this A LOT, it was a great way to reminisce on the beautiful country. We drank ours from the bowl (the traditional way) which Pham said her children still do, but since she’s lived in England she sometimes forgets to eat like a true Vietnamese! She loved that we all got so involved with the culture, so don’t be afraid to eat like the Vietnamese do when you visit!

Along side our food we drank a Mango Margherita, which was made with inspiration from Vietnam. It was strong with alcohol, fruity with mango and has the option be made sweeter with the sugar rim around the edge of the glass.

With one of our party members being gluten free, instead of the banana fritter we were offered a Tapioca Pudding which tasted fabulous! It was made up of nine clouds pandan leaf tapioca pudding served with a scoop of sweet coconut ice cream. Just writing this review is making our mouths water for more! Trust us when we say you must try it to understand.

A gluten free, nut free, vegan or vegetarian diet does not restrict you in any way from eating at this restaurant. All the dietary requirements are listed on their menu, making it really easy for you to know exactly what you can and can’t eat.

Make sure to visit Pham and her family soon at their wonderful restaurant. They treat their guests like they would friends walking into their Vietnamese home, you will love it! We will most definitely be back!

Suum Kitchen

40 – 42 Spittal Street, Anglers Court, Marlow, Buckinghamshire SL7 1DB | T: 016 2847 1110
Instagram, Facebook: @SuumKitchen

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