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Tesco in the Community – April 2020

Tesco’s ‘Happy Town’ events.

Part 2

Continuing the story about ‘Happy Town’ brings me to the third event I’ve been involved with, this time revolving around Race for Life and inviting members of the community to join Tesco colleagues to form one big team.

The first thoughts, instead of the team just drifting away (in the direction of the pub normally), after crossing the finish line were how about a bit of a get together, which led to the borrowing of a Dotcom van and gazebo, and let’s host a community picnic?

Now for the community! Having 10 free community spaces to hand out my first stop was to sign up Cllr. Annie Baughan, followed by 2 ladies from Chiltern Rangers, 5 from Gracewells Care Home and other regulars I’d worked with.

With food, drink and cake organised (tick), the team quickly grew to 33 from Loudwater store ending at an amazing 60 with the other store colleagues.

Now to work on fundraising! With so many male colleagues wanting to contribute, pink manicures in store for the boys was a great choice with Elwoods Hair and Beauty salons not only sending nail technician Jemma to paint in public, but also donating £1 from EVERY manicure/pedicure from BOTH salons for a WHOLE month. I got chatting about this (what a surprise) with Mr. Clarke and Mr. German from Loudwater Combined school, who jokingly said they would like to join in; they soon learnt not to joke with me as they found themselves billed as mystery guests for manicures after my colleagues.

This event alone put over £280 into the pot with other fundraising including colleague Mark baking gingerbread men with little pink shorts and tee shirts for a bake sale, ‘write a message for loved one’ to hang on the Memory Tree, I personally was sponsored to have my hair dyed ‘Race for Life’ vivid pink (courtesy of Elwood’s Emma), sweepstakes for Eurovision and World Cup/Grand National plus Who’s ya Daddy, Like Mother Like Daughter (match the colleague to the parent).

I think my favourite was a take on spot the ball. ‘Spot a team member on the rye’ to win a prize, with guesses including ‘Anna behind the bin smoking’ and ‘Claire behind the tree with a bottle of gin’, colleagues and customers know us too well but had fun playing the silly games which all added up to raising in excess of a massive £4,500 with the online/sponsor forms.

Loudwaters’ Tesco Claire.

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