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Tesco in the Community – October 2020

Happy Town Events – The Tesco Thames Challenge (Part 3)

(hopefully you will remember Happy Town Events Parts 1 and 2) 

As this Happy Town event was the first one fronted by my now store boss Andy, he quite rightly had dibs on what the challenge would be

“I feel like doing a rowing challenge, raising money to be split with the British Heart foundation and I need you to do some research on local children’s charities.” My reply was “boss I know exactly who we can raise money for, having supported them in the past, Kyrece’s Legacy”.

Kyrece Francis was 14 years old when he decided to spend the first day of the summer holidays in 2014 with friends playing football and cooling off in the seemingly calm river. He got into difficulties in the river and unfortunately lost his life. There were no warning signs or safety equipment.

Kyrece’s Legacy was set up by family and friends who vowed to raise funds to install both safety equipment and warning signs along the banks of the River Thames.

The first step of mapping out the route was to start at Henley and drive from lock to lock to see the access, parking etc. and then Marlow seemed to be the ideal place for a breather for the rowers, with a picnic and interaction from the Mayor of Marlow.

Colleagues came forward keen to help me with fundraising even when I declared I needed volunteers for waxing and head shaving; cue the lovely Jemma of pink manicures fame from Elwoods Hair and Beauty who conducted waxing for the team, a back wax for Brian our wonderful sport from the butchery counter, Craig from team support opted for a leg wax and my No.1 volunteer Steve allowed me to shave his hair off in the foyer in public.

Fundraising also included the usual sponsorship, rowing in store, jam jar tombola and Just Giving page.

The day itself was quite eventful from the start with Andy being tipped into the river by his rowing partner and that was just launching the canoe; all caught on video by yours truly which then mysteriously found its way onto the big screen at a managers meeting raising £100! Plus, I sold colleagues a peek for £1 in store of the boss’s misfortune which he did see the funny side of (eventually).

I rounded all this off with having my eyebrows coloured blue for a week which raised some eyebrows (excuse the pun) and helped put more pennies in the pot which, thanks to the generosity of the customers/colleagues, totalled a whopping £2000 to Kyrece’s Legacy. This helped them buy more safety equipment and pay for swimming/water safety lessons for children.

For more information on Kyrece’s Legacy please visit their facebook page.

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