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Tesco in the Community – August 2021

Feeling the love from my community

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my wonderful community for all the love and support sent my way after I managed to shatter my knee cap 3 months ago, leaving me immobile for 11 weeks.

I say ‘my’ community, as even though I live 10 miles from Loudwater I have been made to feel welcome for the past 5 years. I can proudly say that I am lucky to be part of this local community when dressed in my Tesco blues, then I get to go home to my other local community.

As word spread about my accident I had so many messages, cards, flowers and presents from the community groups that I work alongside, wishing me a speedy recovery, and making me realise … wow … how caring everyone is. Despite being unable to move much I decided that although my leg might not work there was nothing wrong with my mouth and hands so, while I could use a phone, I could still be helping the community. I set to work bossing about, oops I mean delegating jobs to, my colleagues to keep things running smoothly for the regulars.

Baz, who is the Engagements/Events Manager at Red Kite Community, asked me to support this years Red Kite Community Neighbourhood Awards competition again, and also invited me to be on the judging panel via zoom. You can nominate from 6 categories via email to with the closing date for entries on Wednesday 25thAugust 2021.

I also had an invitation from Wycombe & District Branch Royal Artillery Association (RAA) to support the fundraising for Scotty’s Little Soldiers and the flag raising on Armed Forces Day. This event was my first trip out in my wheelchair that did not involve a hospital! The weather was great, our newly appointed Mayoress of High Wycombe, Annie Baughan, raised the flag, her second official event, and with everyone being so generous over £1200 was raised.

I had a lovely surprise phone call from the previous Mayor, Maz Hussain, on his last day of office asking to come to visit me. When he arrived he presented me with one of his Recognition Awards as a thank you for supporting the community. To say I’m “well chuffed” is a bit of an understatement.

I am certainly missing all the fundraising, litter picks, groups and everything that I am usually involved with. I can still support from the end of a phone or computer so I will continue to do so until I’m back on my feet.

Thank you once again to everyone who phones, messages and checks in with me regularly.           

I love my community.

Loudwaters’ Tesco Claire

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