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Tesco in the Community – May 2021

Tesco’s friendship with Wycombe District Dementia Action (WDDA) – Update

Dementia Action Week 17th-23rd May

Having left you last time with the wonderful photo of the shopping experiment in the frailty suit for Dementia Awareness Week, I thought it was time for an update on how things have moved along for WDDA.

I would like to thank Dan Wilson (Decreate Artworks) for designing the WDDA logo which hopefully, in the future, will be easily recognised/found to help us with signposting towards making Wycombe District dementia friendly.

I would also like to thank Tony and Jan McHale for jumping onboard as Patrons and also the Mayor of High Wycombe, Maz Hussain, who launched the Dementia Action Week 2019 (notice the name change? Time for action alongside awareness) as his first official engagement which seems a long time ago now.

The week started with a Tai Chi demonstration for the Mayor, in the foyer at Tesco Loudwater, from a local group run by Sue Stuart who is involved with WDDA. An information board was on display signposting the organisations and groups who offer help and support for all aspects of living well with dementia. An interview was recorded for Wycombe Sound Radio, with daily tips and updates continuing throughout the week, and representatives with leaflets were on hand to answer questions.

From that week we have had more organisations joining WDDA and a lot of interest shown for becoming dementia friends. Just before the first lockdown in 2020, WDDA agreed on a steering group and appointed a new Chairperson, Hilda Stern.

I am proud to represent Tesco Loudwater as a key member of the steering group alongside representatives from Alzheimer’s Research (UK), care homes and The Soroptimist’s.

After lockdown hit, and determined to continue, our monthly meetings have been via Zoom or Teams, but we need everyone from residents to the business community to understand the key role they play in helping people live well with dementia. We need planners, house designers and builders to engage with us. By working collaboratively with community groups and Buckinghamshire Council, WDDA is determined to not only highlight the subject of dementia but also the support that is available.

Unfortunately, 850,000 people across the UK are living with dementia and 1 in 3 people will go on to develop this terrible disease. So the WDDA goal is to create a Dementia Friendly Wycombe District.

Look out for promotional activities during Dementia Action Week, 17th – 23rd May 2021. This will include (subject to Covid restrictions) the information stand at Tesco Loudwater, presentations to local community groups and the launch of the WDDA video which will be premiered on YouTube at 11am on 17th May:

For more information email 

Facebook: Wycombe District Dementia Action

Twitter: @WDDA20 

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