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The Beech House, Beaconsfield

Buckinghamshire’s Passion for Pizza

How many of you out there are calling yourself pizza lovers but haven’t even tried an authentic Neapolitan Pizza?

Well, now you can experience the century old tradition of wood fired pizza with that thin, soft, partially charred base, fresh tomato sauce and basil with mozzarella if you choose and a variety of mouth-watering toppings all the way from Naples (LITERALLY), right here in Bucks!

Not that we need to say anything more to convince you to make your way over to The Beech House in Beaconsfield or Amersham, but we thought you’d like to know a little bit more about these pizzas…

Now, the best way to learn is from the best, which is exactly what Oakman Inns (the collection of bars and restaurants that The Beech House belongs to) sent their head chefs to do. The chefs spent two days in Naples, literally picking the tomatoes (covered in volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius for extra flavour!), sourcing their ingredients and learning the intricate steps of how to make the perfect wood fired pizza. The recipe has been carried over here as well as the flour, Fior di Latte mozzarella, and the tomatoes to ensure that we are receiving the most authentic Neapolitan Marinara or Margherita.

The process is so specific that the dough is made at least 48 hours prior to you ordering your pizza. A batch of dough is left to rest in the fridge for 24 hours before being cut into the perfect weight and left to rest for a further 24 hours releasing all of the yeast and producing a super soft finished product.

We were lucky enough to be shown the ropes by Chef Director, Ross Pike, and to watch “The Pizza Maestro” Alex Balan (who recently got into the top 15 from over 200 entries at this year’s National Pizza Awards) shape our own pizzas, top them and cook them within just a couple of minutes! The wood fired pizza oven reaches a mighty hot temperature of 400ᵒC, which means the pizzas only take 90 seconds to cook!

Did we mention they do takeaways? Say goodbye to one hour waiting times on your takeaways and order a pizza to go in no time at all! Or, grab yourself a drink from a huge selection at the bar and you could have eaten your pizza in the time it would have taken you to get home! After our experience we’d definitely recommend sitting in and soaking up the atmosphere and beautiful decor, but we also have those days where we want to enjoy a pizza in our pyjamas in front of the TV.

You can feel the passion when you enter The Beech House restaurant and it really shows in their food. If you would like to visit, please see below details…




18th March 2020: Peter Borg-Neal, CEO of independent pub group, Oakman Inns, which owns six pubs across Buckinghamshire, has cautiously welcomed Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s pledge yesterday to ‘to do whatever it takes’ to keep businesses and people affected by coronavirus solvent. Borg-Neal commented: “The Chancellor’s announcement to make available a £330bn package of economic measures is certainly a good start but more support is needed as we will still need to trade to keep our team in employment.”

Yesterday, Borg-Neal delivered a key video message to his 1000+ workforce,  offering them reassurance that he would continue to regard every staff member and colleague at Oakman Inns as a member of his family and support each of them throughout this extremely worrying time. He also introduced a four-point action plan to ensure that the company continues to trade successfully – which is being hailed as good NEWS.

He told his staff that Oakman Inns’ pubs are:

  • NOT closing. Every one of their pubs (see site list below) will be staying open and serving their normal menu – if permitted. Peter has asked all the staff to keep up their excellent efforts at ensuring that every surface remains virus-free and they are secure in knowing that if they self-isolate, they will not suffer any financial hardship.


  • Every item on the menu can, with immediate effect, be ordered and collected through a new Collection Service that will allow all Oakman’s customers to enjoy their wood-fired Pizzas, great Vegan dishes, grilled fish and beautiful salads, together with a selection of beers and wines.
  • We will deliver: in the next two days, Oakman is launching a new in-house local Delivery Service for their pubs’neighbours who can’t leave their homes – helpful the self-isolating, the box-set bingers and the seriously hungry. And this will include lunch on Mother’s Day so families can still enjoy a special meal together at home.

Asking customers to:

  • Support their local pub – via a Gift Voucher scheme which can be exchanged once all restrictions have been lifted. The scheme will recognise local supporters and their support now will be amply rewarded when the crisis is over.

Borg-Neal added: “In tough times, families stick together – and that’s exactly what we are going to do. We also want to look after theindividuals and families who live in our communities – just as we normally do, but more so in these difficult times. By offering our new Collection and Delivery services we hope we can help provide them with our freshly prepared dishes and a range of drinks which will hopefully mean they will feel less isolated. We are also asking our customers to do something for us – purchase Gift Vouchers to use in the future which will help us with our cash flow.”

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