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The Burnham Labyrinth Project

A labyrinth is a meandering path leading to a centre. It’s like the journey the whole world is now taking in regards to Covid-19.

The Burnham Resilience Group would like to build a labyrinth, created by the residents in Burnham, to stand as a memory for years to come and to remind future generations of what Burnham and the rest of the world went through in 2020.

To do this, they want each resident in Burnham to paint a stone, ideally 10cm or bigger. If you wish to participate, you can paint a stone in any way your heart desires. It could be painted your favourite colour, or painted with the name of a loved one you may have lost, perhaps painted to celebrate someone you saw as your hero during this tough time, such as the NHS, a carer or a friend/family member, it is completely up to you.

Once the lock down is over, they will provide more information on where you can drop the stones off so they can have a protective coating applied before they are added to the Labyrinth.

The labyrinth will be a multi faith area where people of all ages can go to sit, mourn and reflect at any time, as it will be open access. The labyrinth will also be a place for children to walk through and learn about how the residents of Burnham got through their journey together.
The Burnham Resilience Group want to make sure the labyrinth is an area that people of all religions feel comfortable to attend.

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