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The Chapel: Marlow’s newest luxury hair salon

The Chapel, a chain of exclusive and luxurious hair salons, have just reinvented the beautiful Old Trinity Church in Marlow. Founder Amanda Dicker welcomed me into her brand new state of the art project as if she was welcoming me into her home. I felt as if I was walking into a luxurious spa with warm aromas coming from The Chapel’s very own scented candles. It’s instantly clear that they have thought of everything to give their clients the most comfortable experience.

Unlike any other hair salons I have been to, The Chapel have utilised their space to separate the colouring from the styling and have created a ‘relaxation’ room for hair washing. In the centre of the salon are huge comfortable sofas for conversations with your hair stylists. Through and through, the interior is stunning – it feels clean, comfortable and stylish. Nobody likes to have an audience whilst having their hair washed so as well as having comfortably padded hair washing sinks in a separate room, the lights are dimmed, soft music plays and beautiful candles burn in the background – you can finally relax and enjoy that head massage that we all love whilst your hair is being washed.

When having your hair coloured and styled, you will sit opposite a mirror and next to nobody, making the experience all about you. No other clients will be close by to hear your conversation so you can tell your stylist all about your stressful week without having to worry. The stylists are all super friendly and happy to chat! Or if you just want to take yourself away from reality, indulge in a selection of magazines, read and relax. At The Chapel it’s all about you – the haircut and colour is just an addition to a great experience.

An initial chat with Amanda allowed me to explain what I wanted to achieve with my hair and, rather than being advised, she listened! The Chapel experience is all about their signature R.E.S.T ethos — Relaxation, Education, Service, and Tailoring.

Amanda told me: “We go beyond hairdressing, tailoring your visit to your individual needs – whether that be to escape, relax, unwind or to completely transform yourself.”

As a result, I left the salon with exactly what I wanted. My hair wasn’t trimmed too short (as so often is the case) and my colour gave me a warming lift whilst complimenting my skin and perfectly matching my eye colour.

My thanks to Amanda and all the staff at The Chapel for being so friendly and attentive; they made my experience amazing.

THE CHAPEL, The Old Trinity Church, Trinity Road, Marlow SL7 3AN

T: 01628 854254


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