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The Front Room

Taking a break from work midday and heading out to a local shop to buy yourself something tasty might seem like a thing of the past… but instead, it’s been revamped!

The Front Room in High Wycombe are offering your regular lunches, including toasties, milkshakes/smoothies, coffees, a huge selection of cakes, even loaves of freshly made bread and delivering them straight to your door. Instead of thinking I’ll take my lunch break in 5, 10, 15… minutes, hearing that doorbell and opening the door to a hot beverage/ toastie or a freshly baked cake/loaf of bread will make you take that break that you need and deserve.

We, at hiya bucks, were so lucky to be able to taste a variety of what The Front Room had to offer last week (their menu is updated weekly on social media to keep you interested!) and we had to agree that the best part of their service was the excitement of receiving our order… an order of, May we add, deliciously fresh multigrain bread, a Brie and cranberry toastie (to give us that warm feeling inside that we get at Christmas when we eat these most days!), the creamiest coffee we’ve ever tasted, two milkshakes to die for (one peanut butter and banana and one strawberry – they didn’t last 2 minutes!), the gooiest, chocolatey-est, fudgy-est brownie ever (our mouths are watering thinking about it now), a delightful piece of vegan banana bread, two light and fluffy slices of carrot cake, two beautifully elegant salted caramel cupcakes with insanely light whipped buttercream (made by the wonderful Kitchen at 4a) and a rich fruity blueberry muffin.

If you’re reading this and you’re wondering… yes, we did eat it all and we’d do it again… even if that does mean we have to do double the amount of exercise that we have been doing (which is not much – we must try harder after our next order!).

If you can take anything away from our experience – try the whole menu, treat yourselves – you deserve it! You’ll be thanking us when you hear that ding of the doorbell and you have it all in front of you!

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hiya bucks

hiya bucks

Here at hiya bucks we go on regular walks exploring the local towns, villages, public footpaths, gardens, rivers, lakes and more! We love getting out and about discovering new places to visit and we thoroughly enjoy going to local events and getting involved with the community. We hope to inspire others to step out of their daily routines and see more of our Beautiful Buckinghamshire.